by Proud Simon

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released October 27, 2004



all rights reserved


Proud Simon New York

Proud Simon was an Americana band from Rochester, New York, who formed in 2003. The band consisted of cousins Brian Keenan and Charlie Monte Verde. Over the course of the next 8 years, the band relocated to Brooklyn, went through countless lineup changes and recorded 3 LPs and 3 EPs. Their final EP was "Anchors Aweigh" in 2009. Songwriter Brian Keenan now performs under his own name. ... more

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Track Name: Angelus
henrietta hung up
on the bakery boy
in blood red rapport

the ribbon read
you win again
while a woman sat
on the sunken steps

oh mother
I’m stronger
you’ve heard that before
beggar at the door
I’m starving
like a starling
hansel’s thin hands
held the planks of his coffin

quitters with one night
and pale white lies

you stopped by
to get high
with lace on your legs
late night repent
on a sunday
lost the last hour on the barroom floor
Track Name: Champs Elysees
don’t wanna follow
a plan so hollow
crossing an ocean on ambition only
spirit so shallow
out in the open
can’t break what’s broken
or count the months i’d owe ya
at 43.2 north
leaving love stillborn
won’t have to suffer anymore
i lied about everything
keep my soul as a wedding ring
pawn it for the real thing
if i never make it to the champs elysees
know i found my own way

south of the border
hear it’s warmer
at least the sun could keep you company
that is if you ever saw it
i know i never did
raced a revolved and i’m still running
two breaths under the covers
whisper to each other
i hope they’re still lovers
or did they make sorry goodbyes
then leave the countryside
fair-weather friends
with wide eyes
if i never make it to the champs elysees
know i found my own way
Track Name: The House of the Mother of the Suicide
oh lovergirl
my midnight prisoner
you love to leave
you love to leave me
our house is burning down
you’ve got matchsticks in your mouth
won’t ever help you sleep

dying flowers in a green beer bottle
I’m screaming sorry
in a hall of mirrors
you’re free

18 and 8
don’t walk while we wait
the lion’s company
pink picture frame
5 coats of paint
a birthday wish
i just couldn’t give
Track Name: Bailey Hall
fallen cloud on the street
incense pouring from the hands of priests
moon in red satin
a wrapped murder weapon
no one spoke on the car ride home
silence my dying hope
shadows walk twice around the block
bodies sat and wonder where to go

i showed you i could ever be
i only wanted you to feel happy again
i guess i never finish anything i begin

french horn muffled drone
bellowed cold and close
firecracker played
all bright and burned away
rotten plant behind the sink
remembers what we used to be
so steal every blanket tonight
there’s no heat left in me
Track Name: Earlybird
remember walking home in cowboy boots
walking barefoot on the avenue
the sound of your dress
as we walked with our friends
you were gone the minute i came back

remember singing about a lonely girl
singing trucker songs with your dad
at the wheel
words we never knew
oh i wrote them with you
sang chat aqua in my basement
with a groom

remember sleeping back on the window
sleeping under covers that you stole
mary’s lullaby
we never say goodnight
sinking a mattress by your side

remember sneaking liquor in your purse
drinking with your family in pittsburgh
propped against the house
carried across town
i love you
in a whisper

remember making puppets out of bags
learning to play banjo for the band
same drink every night
another barroom fight
a heart that knows
you’re always right

remember playing horseshoes in the heat
sitting on the rooftops with bare feet
oak sang us a song
the crickets played along
lovely lady i shouldn’t have forgot

remember going on and on forever
remember being naive party crashers
there’s an empty room on berkeley street
i’m leaving in a week
just promise you’ll remember me
just promise you’ll remember me
Track Name: It's Over and the Money Has Been Spent
steamy greenhouse
kissing on the couch
swell of sound
in the kitchen
dylan glistened
singing to himself
cleanse our sinning
and forgetting
i think we thought enough
desperate city
m for modesty
truth in your touch

when everything was heavy
you were light on the tv screen
i’m almost ready
a fool for believing in anything
in love with a stranger
dancing in her dreams
please wait for me

curses on doorsteps
walked with our friends on sandy soaking streets
magnolia white
flashing siren
begged never leave

vines all around you
shadows in full bloom
rain rests on your skin
darting driver
slept in the back seat
back where we began