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Proud Simon was an Americana band from Rochester, New York, who formed in 2003. The band consisted of cousins Brian Keenan and Charlie Monte Verde. Over the course of the next 8 years, the band relocated to Brooklyn, went through countless lineup changes and recorded 3 LPs and 3 EPs. Their final EP was "Anchors Aweigh" in 2009. Songwriter Brian Keenan now performs under his own name. ... more

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Track Name: Newspaper Boat
You're gonna leave,
Oh, you're gonna leave.
On a folded newspaper boat,
On a ravenous sea.
You're gonna leave,
Oh, you're gonna leave.
And when you go you'll write your manifesto
Down in the drying concrete.

A burst of steam starts an odyssey
You're bags were packed in advance
From a transcendental dream
A burst of steam, and from the very beginning
Spirits conversed to flesh and Earth
Islands became the cemetery of possibilities.

You're gonna leave,
Oh, you're gonna leave.
This time between the "Stay or Goes?"
Feels like you're gone already.
Track Name: Clockwork On and On
There's honest hunger on our tongues.
And hands dripping honey,
The swarm is coming from above.
Their sugar coats fall down like bombs
And sting with precision.
Like clockwork, on and on.

I loosen these buttons
The day was born to be undone.
And the pigeons are flying overhead in unison.
Revolving doors turn you back where you begun,
A verge and foliate.
Like clockwork, on and on.

A phoenix rises with the sun
And a stark white airplane will bring you home.
The only way to see how far we've come
Is go back where we started from.
Like clockwork, on and on.

Porch lights spun like toy tops
In a whirling sea of coffee shops.
My heart was the horizon
But you wouldn't be outdone.
No you wouldn't be outdone.
Like clockwork, on and on.
Track Name: Tar Washed Ashore
The mortar was a mixture of salt water
And plastic flowers.
We built a parapet on the riverbed,
While bullets from the war
Hung in your crown, all adorned.
Lightning struck the towers
As they chimed out the hours.
Rioting crowds shouted out loud.

Tar washed ashore.
And we wanted more.
In the calm before the storm.

The iron frame was laden with chains.
They rattled like a wraith
And called to us by name.
The prism in the window
Shed light upon the widows
And swung with the rhythm
Of the ocean as it bellowed.
It split the sunshine
Into what's yours and mine.
Our one true night hung like a satellite.

Tar washed ashore.
And we wanted more.
In the calm before the storm.
Track Name: Everyone on the Train Could Use a Little Change
I tied my shoes with spraypaint loops
But the knots kept on coming loose.
The crossing guard was smoking on the stoop
Burning at the evening news.
"I'm not young, there's no fountain of youth"
Heart beating hard in her florescent suit.
I dragged those breathy blues across the avenue.

Where a drug store horse will never quit shaking
As long as I'm there jamming quarters in
Raining change until it shakes the paint from your skin
Or I have nothing left to give.

The cash machine said "Drinks on me"
Just meet me at the candy coated trees
This city's killing me with courtesy
"Empty out that vault, would you for me please?"
Your soul burned a hole right through my jeans
I shouldn't take it so seriously.
But everyone on the train
Could use a little change.
Track Name: Honeymoon
Ravaging the cardboard stacked Manhattans in our way
Up ruptured stairs of consequence
The hammers hammering the loose planks.
Still you'll ascend uncharted steps
The auspicious airplane.
Where wind carries perfumes
And the willows are whispering
With new days.

Still you're stacking papers
On a coastline that's shaking loose.
Howling at the honeymoon.

Divining rod grasped in hand
You walked diligently
Through patches of black clover
And along the fields of grain
The truth awaits.
Plaster walls are molded into mountains by the sea
A house of cards I built to live
These in-betweens.
Track Name: Tales as Tall
Oh, I heard the suspicion
That through the woods lives something wicked
A gambit for passion in an abandoned mansion
In an abandoned mansion.

With Victorian ornaments
Confining Simon the Sorcerer
And the gargoyles perched
Leading Helene through the woods.

Tales as tall as the skies
Of tiger-striped twilight.
On the night you arrived.
Track Name: Union Chains
Pinching pennies as saviors
And casting horseshoes.
On the open road the bell jar broke
The storm started blowing right on through.
It cast my life into orbit
Now the world is split in two.

Back home in a boarded market
The stained glass scattering the room
The shopkeeper swept the leaves out
Into the street with a broom.

Every exit was brilliant on this fault line
Every goodbye advice worth taking, but I never try.
Every twist was a reason to bring you with me
But not this time.

All that mattered was up those narrow stairs
Through the darkness and the girl trapped in the mirror.
Oh I know there's cardboard boxes
Suspending the time in air.

Back home in your apartment
You wait for the rain.
The shopkeeper bound the wreckage
With a chain and then he walked away.
Track Name: Second Hand Jackets
Stray cats masquerading
In chiaroscuro paintings.
There's a hole so deep in the pavement
I wonder how many layers are beneath it?

Suddenly demons of antiquity
Illuminate the construction machines
And they pierce my pockets for change

Relics still in fashion
Our second hand jackets
But the warehouses are abandoned
Under the towering expansion
And as they grow, so too shadows
A playground for the vagrants.

Three kings are parading
And I for one am waiting.
For the ashes and straw that remain there
I lost everything your hypnotic stare.
Track Name: One Night Stand on a Cadmium Yellow Avenue
We tore the books off of the shelves
We can't keep to ourselves
Burst like roman candles
Into a night of criminals.
The butcher shop wore of a coat of arms
We drove like cocaine in that car
An oracle is standing in the wake
of a rising sea of change.

She said, "Wishes to wine could take some time
So tonight we're drinking moonshine"
On bullet trains without our names
They'll never matter anyway
And the skyscrapers are looking the other way.

We climbed a mile high of cement
To a warehouse world the bleeding reds
Against the chalk white filament
Shone apparitions in the bed
On South 3rd there's fireworks
The phantom rider wings unfurl
Setting fire to an unsuspecting world
Oh no!
Track Name: Last One Left
They tore down an eyesore in less than an hour
And the dust rose like the Eye of God
In a chemical flower.
That broken space is my broken offering.
The snaking headlamps on the black epitaph
Read "Once you're gone, you don't ever come back".
The pouring rain is filling in the graves.

So we cast a rose and it's thorns
As a building blueprint is drawing.

Bicycle stalemates sit chained to railings,
Those mismatched patterns of oxidized marriage.
And rattled bones still turning house to home.
Summer gushes with brand new haircuts.
Pinstripe tuxes in playground portraits.
The scaffolding set for the last one left.

Well I'm gonna get my feet wet.
Dance with your whirlwind wedding dress.
Be the last one left.
Track Name: Bled Red Wine
The lost and found is back in my hometown
Where a universe of sound
Amounts to dust on a shelf.
In a psychedelic hell the souls pass by but can't be held
Just one drink from the well romances all that falling out.

I heard through the grapevine
That you were beautiful at the bar last night
I hope you had a great time
Blushing while you bled red wine.

Bloody Mary in the ground
Back in my hometown.
Under a mountain of doubt
Built up to settle down.
Across the canal the iron roads are running parallel
The toy wooden horses and summertime soldiers
Are burning on that carousel.