Victory March

by Proud Simon

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released January 4, 2005



all rights reserved


Proud Simon New York

Proud Simon was an Americana band from Rochester, New York, who formed in 2003. The band consisted of cousins Brian Keenan and Charlie Monte Verde. Over the course of the next 8 years, the band relocated to Brooklyn, went through countless lineup changes and recorded 3 LPs and 3 EPs. Their final EP was "Anchors Aweigh" in 2009. Songwriter Brian Keenan now performs under his own name. ... more

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Track Name: Victory March Through the Brandenburg Gate
shotgun shell
smoking in a dive bar
the days are growing longer
your pocket change
rattled like a light bulb
blown out
friends of friends
take what you can get on the weekends
stitching your lips
with 5 min fireworks in berlin

skyline cranes
celebrating my independence day
waiting at the station
halfway home
and counting the days

maybe you’ve got a new boyfriend?
oh baby i hear a tremble in your breath
tired of waiting on an escalator
and you’re tired of waiting on dead ends
Track Name: American Caskets
frantic in a jacket
stories out of order
bad habits
flashed with brilliant color
walk backwards
path swept with every step
lost in patterns
hands shake with inspiration

above the leaves
and bleeding lines
we act so surprised

beyond the weeks of leading lies
we act so surprised

the walls came down
stole a soul
in carnival town
when the clouds part
I’m not myself anymore
steadfast now
distance waits
you’ll be ok
enjoy the time
the swans are singing now

i’m an american boy
with both feet on the floor

empty handed and headed home
Track Name: The Man Who is Swimming Against the Stream
4am and waiting
on a foreign floorboard
curled cradle swaying
wasting away
crooked evening news
black and white on blankets
gypsy queen had a slight of hand
curse of diversion
from the love i left for dead
hive buzzes
on and off
off and on again

spun in drunken dance steps
creeping around
the train wreck
nothing could ever live in here
setting up forever
do you think we’ll ever get there
to the light
at the bottom of the bottle

we’re april fools
april fools

walked a silent circle
clocks predicted weather
statues bowed their heads
i turn away
bought you a promise
captured in stained glass
lost it in absinthe on the way
the fog descended
i was alone on the floor
spinning round and round
some more
Track Name: Sew a Boat
sew a boat my love
sew a boat my love

sew a boat
and sail across the ocean
needle and thread
your nimble hands
could build a ship
of indian silk

sew a boat
and sail across the ocean
a mast of roses will catch the breeze
i breath
and lead you back to me

i hope you’re early
or at least you’re lonely
i hope you’re learning
that cages have curtains

paint a plane
and fly to barcelona
spiral skies of violet oil
you’ll find me
where columbus points to sea

paint a plane
and fly to barcelona
i’ll build a frame to keep us safe
and maybe i could make you stay

flailing in the water
pouring over clipper ships
and jungle gyms
so selfish on a silver beach
caught up in mystery
the uneven floors creaking
as you pace the apt
wishing promises were never made
that we never made it to graham station
we never turned our backs on the big city
Track Name: Spaghetti Western
spent a night with table wine
on the spanish steps
the neon signs
spelled up and down
like the chelsea hotel
a mirage in the morning heat
your reflection in the street
so far from new york city

let the glasses fall
from the concrete
together our feet will bleed
into a family tree
don’t our wishes mean anything?
don’t our wishes mean anything?

an uncertain fresco sky
the paint of creation dried
scrapbook of our lonely life
rebirth in the busy lights
tall buildings in your blue eyes
flour city scraping by

our wishes meant everything to me
Track Name: Planetarium Blue
the weathervane
was packed away
i stood outside and closed my eyes
lived with a ghost
watched the rain
you changed
we changed

smoke rises on tuesday night
records still standing
lantern lit silhouettes
uncertain summer ending

you said it meant nothing to me
she said how could be so empty
the painters heard every word
now they’re gone for good

moths and fireflies
are trying to understand each other
outside my window
they know they are both pale creatures
that swim in air like insect birds
fluttering and flickering
fire amphibians
that are drawn
to the netted flush of my window screen
because i am warm
and wanting
and breathing
i watched them
float and confuse one another
as i drift to sleep

just run!
i’ll be the best man
to your broken plans