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Proud Simon was an Americana band from Rochester, New York, who formed in 2003. The band consisted of cousins Brian Keenan and Charlie Monte Verde. Over the course of the next 8 years, the band relocated to Brooklyn, went through countless lineup changes and recorded 3 LPs and 3 EPs. Their final EP was "Anchors Aweigh" in 2009. Songwriter Brian Keenan now performs under his own name. ... more

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Track Name: Burning Bridges
The "White Lady" took us away, lacing the waves.
While mansions wept the autumn leaves, with changes on their way.
Blonde to black, a secret kept, but days will have to wait.
With every second drifting west while the market water breaks.

We never saw it coming.
Candy wrappers dancing.
Trespassers off the path.

Rain ruined the widow's web you spun in your bed.
And nothing I have said could make you forget.
Only my gifts of regret, this treasure chest unpacked.
The guilt builds as bridges burn, your warm breath on my neck.

The sun will never set.
Track Name: Victory March Through the Brandenburg Gate
Shotgun shell smoking in a dive bar downtown
"The days are growing longer."
Your pocket change rattled like a light bulb blown out.
Friends of friends, take what you can get on the weekends
You're stitching your lips with five minute fireworks in Berlin.

Skyline cranes celebrating my Independence Day.
Waiting at the station,
A halfway home and counting the days.

"Maybe the bobbin's out of thread?"
Oh baby, I hear a tremble in your breath.
I'm tired of waiting on a escalator,
And you're tired of waiting on dead ends.
Track Name: Redhanded
Forging compliments instead of fighting back.
While my princess hid her regrets
Under stacks of mattresses.

The wood grain buried my face in restraint
And it's too late for talking back
About anything that would make you upset.

Blue light buzzard twenty-somethings
Clutching numbers
I try to whistle through a toothache
We're staying up late, maybe it's too late?

You wake with a clean slate
And I, redhanded.
Oh I, redhanded.
I think I'll swallow my pride.
Track Name: Ginger Gypsy Forget-Me-Not
A fingerprint in wax
A smudge on the glass
We wash the floor with stubborn lungs
Hot rods racing naked tongues
"Thanks, that's enough"

I'm through fucking around
Let the wedding bells ring out
Let the beggars guard the Charles
Turn ordinary emerald
Turn this absinthe to gold

Oh we've fallen out of touch
My black eyed blonde teardrop
See how far Hamilton can stretch
See how long secrets keep in brick.

So take your children's names
And stitch them on the chimney
Persistence billows out of fear
How did I ever get here?

Wisdom bouncing down the drain
Don't consider, just replace
The best advice before this quake
Renew the lease, forget my face
And be better off anyway

Oh I've lost my current crutch
My black eyed blonde teardrop
Sew the blood into your hands
You'll never hear from me again.
Track Name: American Caskets
Frantic in a jacket.
Your stories out of order.
Our bad habits flashed with brilliant color.

Walk backwards.
The path swept with every step.
Lost in patterns.
My hands shake with inspiration.

Above the leaves and bleeding lines,
We act so surprised.
Beyond the weeks of leading lies,
We act so surprised.

The walls came down.
I stole a soul in carnival town.
When the clouds part,
I'm not myself anymore.

Steadfast now.
Distance waits and you'll be ok.
Compromise, enjoy the time.
The swans are singing now!
Track Name: Golden Rose
Doorbell days
The clean white linens across the way.
The air was blinding and cool.
The winds of change
An underpass castle built bottle by bottle by bottle
A palm read by a fool.

Carpet bags held silver watches
They glisten, they glisten, they glisten.
A goodnight kiss.
With the swirling milk in my coffee cup
It's the first things you'll always miss.

The highways race my rapid pulse down candy gates
Manhattan Avenue is on the rise
In a New York minute
The lessons learned and the books returned
Too dark to love, too light to rewrite.

Golden rose, take me everywhere you've ever known.
Track Name: Shopping Cart Skeleton
The tide receded, a perfect beach.
Can you feel it?
The winds are changing.
Ghosts wrapped in white flags, giving in.
To cobwebs on roses
They're growing closer.

Bells on the gallows, a hanging phone.
Anticipation's my ticket home
A fortune teller drifted with the mist
A spirit offering all he had to give

While you waited I imagined you
On a bicycle built for two.
While you waited I collected a world
To give to you.

Don't be afraid love, patience saves.
Sailing this great ship until the bottle breaks.
Nursing your scars in a house of cards.
Begging for more,
A quiet tap at the door.
Track Name: Tributaries
The further I climbed the more I took my time
And the smallest talk became nothing at all.
Because one day we're gonna leave this town.
Gonna leave all these ups and downs.

And once a week we read our history.
With borrowed throats, all lined with smoke.
"It's the first frost this month"
Oh God, are we losing touch?
Are we losing touch?
Are we losing touch?
Track Name: Feet First!
I lay entwined in ambulance light
While a train whistle blasts
And sinks into my chest
Great city by the lake,
With my neighbors in their graves
Move in and move out
I'm the cat and you the mouse
Our home must be somewhere else.

Safe in my smokescreen
On this spit-shine city streets
Your voice lifts baracades
On the silent night highway
Curiosity is comforting me
While the winning number is buried
At a station in Pennsylvania
A life we'll never see.

Eighty-eight, take a bullet and bite it 'til it breaks.
I'm saving your place.
Just take that bullet before it's too late.

Good morning green balloon.
Guided through the gloom.
Everything will pass.
That's the cadence of last change.
So drive a spike into the track
And cash your last paycheck
Then it's curtains on the pharmacy
"It never meant that much to me".